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Apollo Group TV - The Best IPTV reselle provider

The best IPTV Reseller Price on the market! We provide greater than 15,000 Live TV and EPG CatchUp, PPV 150K Vods & great customer service

Are you looking to launch your own IPTV company to make substantial cash? Well! we’re here to offer the lowest price reseller panel for our clients with the most benefits other resellers.

Our reseller plan gives customers a Reseller Panel which allows them to control new customers, get payment and much more. In addition, you’ll receive free trials you can give to customers for no cost, or even sell them for more cash since it’s entirely on you.

When you sign up for our service we will provide you with a credit balance that can be used for selling the IPTV service. One credit can be used to purchase one month, three months and 6 months or 12 credits will be taken out for the yearly plan.

If you make a purchase of 750 USD, you’ll be given 50 credits. This means that in the event that you sell a month-long plan at $15, you could earn up to $690 with 50 credits. Our resellers earn more than $5,000 per month, and some earn even more, based on your sales per month.

Our IPTV Panel

Our IPTV reseller panel has user-friendly interface and very simple to use. Our users can have a complete control over the panel we offer.

Manage Accounts

Utilizing our reseller panel, we ensure that you enjoy full control over your reseller panel, so that you can sign up new customers, delete the old ones or those who have expired edit user bouquets, and add or remove Mag or Enigma devices as well as other features.

Manage Customers

Our reseller panel provides you with access to information about current connections, the number of registered connections, etc.

But, you can stop the connections, or deactivate them, modify the user bouquets, and look at the accounts that are will expire soon.

IPTV Promotions panel is safely secured by Captcha to keep your personal information safe and prevent any unwelcome login on your account.

Why Platinum IPTV Makes It Best For reseller panel?

Customize. Watch. AnyMoment.

Wanted To Try Our Service?

We are offering our customers 7 days of trial where they can check our Panel and the quality of the services. 

Silver Pack Trial

Gold Pack Trial

Beginner Reseller Panel Plans

For anyone who want to start a new IPTV selling business, we’ve got your back. We have introduced our beginners IPTV reseller plans where you can purchase credits in a small amount to start your business with low investment.

Silver Pack (10 Credits)

Gold Pack (10 Credits)

Silver Pack (10 Credits)

Gold Pack (10 Credits)

Offers For Super IPTV Resellers

Do you have a big company and a huge number of customers? Well, our offers are the best if you want to save more than usual. These plans are best suitable for the big resellers.

Silver Pack (50 Credits)

Gold Pack (50 Credits)

Silver Pack (50 Credits)

Gold Pack (50 Credits)

HOW DOES Credits Works in Reseller Panel ?

When a customer purchase a reseller panel we offer them credits. These credits will be consumed according to the plan you are purchasing for the customer.

How To Use IPTV Reseller Panel | The Complete Guide 2023?

If you are interested in becoming the IPTV Reseller? then first you need to learn how IPTV Reseller Panel works and how you can use it properly.

This is a guide for beginners where you will learn everything about our panel and how does it work. If you are an already existing reseller or a beginner this guide for sure help you a lot.

Confused! can’t make a decision?

Well, we assure you that we are providing the best quality service comparing other service providers. Whatever, If you are worried about our service quality, please go for THE 24h trial where you can check our service quality .

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